What is Mycelium?

Mycelium (plural mycelia) is the vegetative part of a fungus: the unseen "roots" of a mushroom. It can be found growing throughout a amazing variety of biological substrates periodically making itself known through the "flowering" of its reproductive aspect: the mushroom.

What are the medicinal powders made off?

The powders are made from finely ground mushroom mycelium and mushroom fruiting bodies. These bits of mycelium and mushroom are cultivated in a sterile laboratory from hand picked and vigorous strains of the noted medicinal species. Through rigorous quality control a standardized level of growth is achieved before the species are processed in to a bio-available form of medicine for consumption.

How are medicinal mushrooms used?

Medicinal mushrooms are currently used to treat and prevent a large diversity of illnesses through their use as immune stimulantsimmune modulatorsadaptogens and antioxidants. Over thirty species are commonly used as medicinals in the form of mycelium or mushroom fruiting-body. The most well known and researched of these are reishi, maitake, lions mane, cordyceps, blazei, split-gill, turkey tail and shiitake. However, many other mushrooms are currently being used medicinally and have shown positive clinical results including mesima, agarikon, chaga, oyster, tinder polypore and enoki, among others. These various mushrooms contain numerous constituents that have a variety of physiological effects and are also rich in "essential sugars".

What are the active constituents contained within your products?

1,3 β-D and 1,6 β-D glucansglycoproteinsarabinoxylanstriterpenesessential sugars and antioxidants. (Please see our 100% goodness guarantee)

What is a standardized dosage of the powders?

We recommend 1 teaspoon of powder (2 grams) twice daily. At that rate, one pound of our medicinal mushrooms, taken at a regular and recommended dosage, will last 113 days! Thats three and a half months of medicine for $50.00 + s/h for a single species or one of our two formulations. We here at Myriad Mycology pride ourselves on providing a very high quality product for a very affordable price. It is not uncommon today to find 45 grams of a lesser quality powder available encapsulated for $20.00. To purchase 1 pound of powder at that rate would cost you $200.00, not to mention the environmental impact of the packaging used. Buying medicinal mushrooms in bulk is exceptionally more cost effective and environmentally friendly. 

How do I store the powders?

Store the powders in a cool and dry place, which maintains a steady temperature. Our packaging is moisture and humidity resistant to aid you in preserving the powders medicinal integrity. 

How long will the powders stay usable for?

The shelf life on the powders in three years from initial processing.