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Monday, August 19, 2019
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About Myriad Mycology

Myriad Mycology is primarily based within a system of sterile tissue laboratories, offices, and mushroom grow rooms located in the Ashland/Talent area of Southern Oregon. Our direct experience with mushrooms and Mycology spans nearly 20 years.

Our professional staff has diverse experience from working with top mycologists and nutraceutical firms in the production of medicines and supplements, to cultivating large and small-scale mushroom crops for the gourmet food market.

Additionally, Myriad Mycology is passionate about educating all those interested in mycology regardless of age, or level of experience. One of our primary missions includes making visible the incredible world of mycology, its vast possibilities, and current applications.

We specialize in the sale of bulk medicinal mushroom powder supplements, various products produced from our sterile tissue laboratories, fresh and dried gourmet mushrooms, and education.